When Jesus Christ turned the water into wine at the wedding in Cana in Galilee, the wedding guests never saw the miracle, as far as we know. They were generally speaking like so many today. They were unaware of what can be happening when Jesus Christ is present. We read the details of this amazing miracle in the Gospel of John Chapter 2.

Do take time and even make time to read the actual text. There is always a reward and blessing for those who read and study the Bible.

The disciples saw what had happened. They got a glimpse of the glory of God, and they put their faith in Him.

They saw more than a miracle. They saw God's glory. That is what we should look for every time we gather together - something of God's glory - something of God's love - something of God's mercy and grace - something of His power.

Today, see something of His glory and something that will make you place and replace your faith in Jesus Christ.

Some 60 years later, John remembers this day so clearly, and John calls this miracle a sign. It is a sign. It is a sign post pointing to something else, and, it is no use just gazing at the sign. We must move on to where the sign is pointing us, and in this instance it is to faith in Jesus Christ. It points to the truth that Jesus Christ is the Son of God, and only God can create what is not there. Only God has the power and the ability to do this.

Signs are graciously given, that men might believe.

Glory is revealed that men might comes and put their faith in Jesus.

This sign also pointed to the new things God was doing in the world. These were washing jars, symbols of outward washing and symbols of external ceremonies, formal rites and rituals. Jesus was giving wine for the inside.

Jesus Christ was taking the cold unexciting water of ritualistic religion and He was beginning to turn it into warm rich joyful wine.

We are called to see beyond the sign, from water to wine, and duty to delight, and from obeying rules to rejoicing that Jesus Christ is Saviour and Lord and Deliverer; from doing something that you've got to, to doing something because you want to.

There is a parallel on the day of Pentecost. Jesus Christ poured out the Holy Spirit and filled the disciples in such a way, that those who mocked and ridiculed suggested that they were drunk with new wine.

Some regarded these disciples of Jesus who were praying and praising and worshipping were going too far.

The wine of Christ is a sign of joy. It is a sign of worship, and it can makes us overflow, but it is also a sign pointing us to His blood. Those who rejoice greatly in the love of Jesus and in the acim bookstore  of the Holy Spirit also carry a heavy cross.

There is joy and suffering; rejoicing and tearfulness, and this will continue until that day when we sit down with Jesus Christ at the banquet at the marriage supper of the Lamb, and drink the royal wine, as we worship.

In this passage from the Word of God, we see that there is the invitation. People had invited Jesus. If Jesus Christ had not been invited, there would have been no miracle that day. There is intercession as Mary prays. Here we see something of the influence and power of a praying mother.

There are also clear instructions. The master of the wedding banquet had to taste the wine. We too have to taste and experience the wine of God as Jesus pours out the Holy Spirit and encourage others to experience these riches too.

Lastly, we see that the disciples were inspired as they placed their faith in Jesus. There is a rich reward and a generous blessing for all who arrive at this vital and essential stage. Where does this place you?