It is a encrypted PDF Reader any size , when it opens in computer or Android devices  it works like a PDF Reader to view PDF files and eBooks. This can be used in two  Operating systems , Windows & Android  & It supports  any PDF files & any eBooks ,Devices where this can be used are Android Mobile, Android TAB , Android Smart TV , Android Projector , Windows PC & Windows Laptop

Main Features PDF copy protection are , you can  Send it via email or WhatsApp ,  Any Size of PDF files can used ,it is fully copy protected software , it having Anti Capturing screen & Anti screenshot techniq , in this User date validation can be managed, it can be transfered , admin having full control of Data , there are many benefits . you can save money , you can save time as it having Instant Delivery features a

How To Use it -|| ttdsoft provides PDF e Reader or PDF Reader app , Put PDF files in PDF reader app ,  Send this PDF e Reader to user via e-mail or WhatsApp , User(s) will download PDF e Reader or PDF Reader app in there computer or Android Mobile , TAB , Smart TV , Projector and start using it

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PDF copy protection refers to measures taken to prevent unauthorized copying or distribution of PDF documents. There are several ways to protect PDF documents, some of which include:

Password protection: One of the simplest ways to protect a PDF document is to set a password. This can prevent unauthorized access to the document, and also prevent copying and printing.

Watermarking: Another common method of PDF copy protection is to add watermarks to the document. Watermarks are usually transparent text or images that are overlaid on top of the document, making it difficult to copy or reproduce.

Encryption: PDF documents can be encrypted with various levels of security, from simple password protection to complex encryption algorithms. This can make it difficult for unauthorized users to access the document, and can also prevent copying and printing.


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