Romantic relations are a big problem. Love is never planned; It can come and go at any time, anytime. There are no two relationships and there are no two separation.

And break up? Oh, dear! try cosplay sex doll. This is a much bigger problem. Everyone does not deal with the loss of a friend in the same way. Some people handle it very pragmatically, they choose to continue their lives, learn to enjoy themselves and explore themselves in a fun way. On the other hand, some people enjoy extraordinary sadness or "turn blue".

It's okay to enjoy sadness. As John Green said, "pain needs to be felt". You know, he is your partner, good morning and your night partner, 20,000 your breakfast and dinner partners, your sick and healthy partner, your sexual partner, your non-sexual partner, your home and suddenly, they are missing.

Why do people break up?

There are several possible reasons why a relationship is broken. Unsatisfactory emotional support, spiritual disability, poisonous feelings, outdoor matters, sexual dissatisfaction, etc. With 7.7 billion people on this planet, the success rate of meeting with a very low soulmate. So, the first step in handling separation is to accept it. Yes, that happens to you, and yes, you are sad and you feel hopeless, but you have life.

Not many people know how to do that and cannot accept that the situation can cause someone to be sad unhealthy. What is unhealthy? Depression!

Depression is not a disease that can be physically recognized, it all exists in the minds of the person who faces it. Whether it is the separation of living relationships together or marriage, depression can have a big impact. Some symptoms of severe depression include the following.

Changed sleep patterns; Sleep less or more than usual.

Changes in appetite; Losing a lot of weight or getting many things.

Anger or irritation in mild cases.

Feelings of empty or helplessness.

A sudden emotional explosion.

Problems with concentration or reckless behavior.

Feelings of self -hate and worthless.

Thoughts and tendencies of suicide.

Suicide mind is the final and most serious stages of depression. When someone thinks that life is not worthy of being lived, there is no way to bring them back. Talking to the therapist and receiving counseling can help, but if you experience depression, you only have the power to get rid of it.

Out of depression.

Going to the doctor means bringing home a lot of anti-depression. These drugs do help reduce depression in some people, but they do not cure it. Cure depression requires mental health.

Self -love is the first thing that can make you out of depression. If you like your own company when you are alone, then this worthless feeling will never make you sad. Take time for yourself and do whatever activities you enjoy the most.

A happy stomach is a happy heart. Pamper yourself with delicious food and cook healthy food for yourself. Or bring yourself for dinner, alone.

Travel as much as you can. Going to new places gives us a new perspective. New people, new foods, new things are opportunities to explore themselves in a new way. Enjoy the adventure sport that you always want, or the forest you have decided to explore. The smell of that place and let it make you forget who you were.

Self -pleasure gives you a picture of what makes you excited. Joy is very important when you want to fall in love with yourself. Touch yourself! Yes, you hear it right. Touch yourself like you want to be touched. Explore masturbation. Find out how it works and learn about various ways to make yourself happy. There are some sex toys in the online market, buy yourself and try it yourself. This is not the same as having sex with a partner, but the sensation is rather similar. Masturbation causes the release of dopamine and oxytocin, known as 'love hormones'. This relaxes your body and allows you to relieve stress; It raises your mood and makes you happy.