With the popularity of smartphones, almost everyone has a mobile phone. Its product communication is very convenient, and it can easily complete a large number of family communication, and even WeChat video chat. But the application of mobile phones is getting more and more serious. Smart phones have functions such as taking pictures, GPS positioning, and GPS navigation. This function is convenient for us and may constitute a major hazard, in which information leaks, mobile phone GPS tracking is more often on the mobile phone is for the information age, it is an important communication device and entertainment equipment , but the use of mobile phones needs to have a certain regularity, not all of them can be used in all places, for example, it is forbidden to talk on the phone at the gas station.

Mobile phones are convenient and smart, and are widely used in our work and life. Mobile communication is the transmission of voice and data information in an open electronic communication system. As long as there is a corresponding receiving device, it can retrieve any object, any address and everyone's call information. Every mobile phone can make calls.

Dudayev, the head of the rebel agency in the Russian Chechen Republic, was shot dead by Russian troops using a mobile phone. There is also a high chance of a phone leaking while hibernating or even in standby. Since mobile phones must maintain a continuous handshake with network communications, it is easy to identify, monitor and track EMI bands. Some mobile phones have a hidden voice call function, which can be converted into a voice call status without ringtones or any other indications, and reveal secrets. Intelligence and information experts suggest that you should not put your phone next to you, and use your phone alone The serious harm, from the side embodies the necessity of prohibiting the use of mobile phones in key places. Responding to the use of cellphones, the ban on bringing cellphones to China's intelligence agencies in a number of key locations. The military and government agencies in corporate offices prohibit the use of mobile phones, even closed ones. In order to ensure that the use of mobile phones is truly avoided, cell phone signal jammers will be installed in these key places to prevent the use of mobile phones or illegal entry of mobile phones and cause heavy losses.

12 Antennas Cell Phone Signal Jammer

There are many key places to prohibit the use of mobile phones, such as commercial secret enterprises, key conference halls, government departments, and places where key information must be strictly maintained in key companies and other industries. Such places are usually equipped with protective equipment, and mobile phone signal jammers are used to help Mobile phones are banned.

Not only that, with the popularization of smart phones, more and more places will install signal jammers. On the one hand, it is to better maintain the security of information, not to better mobile phones, but also to ensure this This kind of local discipline, but a better ring training. Installing a mobile phone screen in the library brings better reading articles. Easily cut off by cell phone ringtones.