According to the 5G frequency band standard divided by the International Telecommunications Union (ITU), there are three 5G frequency bands, namely the low frequency band of 700MHz~3.8GHz, the middle frequency band of 3.8GHz~24GHz and the high frequency band of 24GHz~100GHz. Among them, my country uses low-frequency and medium-frequency bands, and a few European and American countries use high-frequency bands. When shielding equipment in the examination room shields 5G signals, it covers the low-frequency and mid-frequency bands of 5G. In the middle frequency band, our country allocates 4800 MHz~4960 MHz (abbreviation: 4.9G frequency band) to China Mobile China Radio and Television, so the question arises: Does the cell phone jammer in the examination room include the 4.8G frequency band when shielding 5G signals?

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To be honest, although most of the test room signal jammer now indicate that they can support the signal shielding of the 4.9G frequency band in the product manual, but among the products actually put into use, many test room shielding instruments do not have the function of shielding the 4.9G frequency band . The reason is: 4800 MHz~4960 MHz is characterized by relatively high frequency, but serious signal transmission errors, and usually can only be used as indoor signal coverage. Compared with the low frequency band of 700MHz~2700MHz, or even the middle frequency band of 3.6G, the actual penetration rate and utilization rate of the 4.9G frequency band are very low. At present, only a few special places in China will use the 4.9G frequency band, and only It is used for private network communication. Therefore, as a manufacturer of shielding equipment in the examination room, knowing that the usage rate of the 4.9G frequency band is extremely low, and it is unlikely to deploy a mobile phone network with the 4.9G frequency band in a usage scenario like the school examination room, then give up the installation The 4.9G signal shielding module will undoubtedly help reduce production costs.

Referring to the current development trend, even after two or three years, the 4.9G frequency band is still unlikely to be widely popularized and used in China. Even if the shielding instruments in the examination room do not have the shielding module of the 4.9 frequency band, there will be no incomplete shielding of the 5G signal during use, and customers basically do not need to worry too much about the impact of this problem.

Of course, if the customer clearly requires the manufacturer to install a signal shielding module in the 4.9G frequency band before purchasing the shielding instrument for the examination room, this is equivalent to making sufficient preparations for the future. Maybe three or five years later, in case the 4.9G The frequency band has been widely deployed, and customers no longer need to consider product upgrades.