Customers in the purchase of cell phone signal jammer equipment, generally as long as no special instructions, the manufacturer's default factory band, is not included in the GPS positioning signal shielding module, but if the customer in the order of shielding equipment, very clearly put forward the requirements: the need to shield all the mobile phone signal lamps at the same time, can be able to shield the GPS positioning signals, then the manufacturer can be targeted to GPS frequency band shielding module to be added to the equipment. Shielding module to add to the equipment.

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Why is there no GPS band in the default configuration of the low-power mobile phone signal jammer instrument? There are three main reasons: the first reason is that the low-power mobile phone signal jammer equipment is almost always used in fixed indoor environments, indoor environments in the GPS signal itself is very weak, or even there is no GPS signal, GPS signal shielding function will not come in handy. The second reason is that the primary purpose of the low-power type of mobile phone signal shielding instrument is to shield mobile phone signals, in order to reflect as much as possible for the shielding performance of mobile phone signals, manufacturers preferred solution is: the number of effective signal shielding module, as much as possible to the allocation of mobile phone signal band. The third reason is that the mobile phone signal shielding instrument manufacturers in order to control production costs, if a function is not a customer requirement must have, that less installed a module, after all, can reduce some production costs, you can enhance some of the mobile phone signal shielding instrument selling price advantage.

However, it should be reminded that: today's GPS positioning signals, it is only a general term, does not specifically refer to the United States of America's GPS navigation satellite signals, in fact, should at least include China's Beidou, Europe's Galileo, Russia's GLONASS, etc., these multiple countries and types of satellite navigation and positioning systems, in the increase of GPS signal shielding module, should be all can be effectively covered.