What is Enlightenment?

Thanks for asking the issues that come to the mind, even if they seem "relatively peculiar" to you. In Enlightenment all perceived pain has faded, for what but wrong-mindedness looked to produce the misperception named pain.

Pain was the dream that Christ can leave a Supportive Creator's Mind. "If suffering is actual there's number God. If Lord is actual there's no pain."(W-190.3) The latter does work since God doesn't have opposite. Enlightenment entails no pain or displeasure about ANYTHING, for Enlightenment is Real,a course in miracles  Continuous Happiness, Peace, Freedom, and Joy. Being Constant, Enlightenment understands not of change. The illusion of vulnerability and varying thoughts moved as well. There is number ego to drop "right back into." Heart Abides in soft Love. All pain has ended Now and nothing remains but a benefit of Stillness.

The Holy Heart could be the note that Living is Eternal. The Provide Time may be the gate way to Eternity. The entire world of images was a full world of illusion. Images are thus basic to the Holy Spirit. They were "neutralized" the quick they did actually arise.

What does that suggest in terms of your second issue? You cannot destroy what's never existed, and in the Sacred Spirit's Perception of forgiveness damage is impossible. Bodies were never born and never die because the planet of images is the past. It's impossible to get origins and endings in a script that is already written and around extended ago. There's number life in images. This is the meaning of "Hold no graven images ahead of the Lord Thy God." All photographs were designed to unknown the Truth from understanding, and they are able to just be forgiven as you illusion. If illusions could possibly be separated up into living and dead, natural and inorganic, animate and inanimate Enlightenment would be impossible. For what's Enlightenment but Real Oneness, much beyond the possibility of division of any sort? The split brain was the illusion. Seek not to project the separate brain to types and contact some types living and some forms dead. Lord knows not form. The split mind appeared to be the "killer" dream, yet the Holy Nature tells the resting mind that what is full and specific cannot BE split. In Heaven Mind is One Nature, and also pertaining to that world forgiveness reflects this Oneness. The understood world identifies the unity of the recovered mind and considers that there is nothing "outside" of this simple brain which dreams softly a happy, gentle dream. The target of ACIM is to desire gently of a sinless world. This goal is more than possible, it is inevitable!

For my appearing diet, "eat what's served" may be the Advice I was presented with from the Holy Spirit several years ago. Join along with your brother and let number principle come involving the Enjoy you share. That Advice has not changed. "Dinner" is always a backdrop for sharing the Joy of the Living Moment. What the planet calls "breathing" and "eating" and "drinking" and "sleeping" are really all the same in the Enlightened State. The Recovered Perception sees the sameness of all things since each of them reveal the exact same Function: forgiveness. This Perception isn't "particular," for in specific perception nothing is personal. Lord is no respecter of persons. I literally can not "take" an animal's "life" because Life is Nature and can only be extended or Given as God Gives. "Take" has no indicating within my mind and since creatures haven't "lived" it's impossible that they may "die." The belief expressed in the thought "individually get an animal's life" has many underlying assumptions that are false. In right-mindedness it is evident that some ideas are heightened since they are given out or shared, and "taking" a "life" or anything at all does not have any meaning. All that I provide is fond of mySelf, and in offering there's no loss, number compromise, and nothing is ever recinded from wholeness and unity. The teacher of God does not want something that cannot be given away. Such could be the Pleasure of miracles! Thinking seeds be seemingly flung every-where, yet there is never a good glance back again to see where the vegetables land. The seeds are never for an "other," and since giving and getting are the same the mind receives the presents it gives. This really is really the food you seek for beneath the ego's questions.

The sole problem that need be requested is just a issue that's certainly not silly at all: Am I prepared to understand that God's Will and My Own would be the Same? God's Will for Me is for Perfect Happiness. And what but this May may be the May of Christ? Fortunately, nothing may change Endless Love. Thank You God!