KuCoin: Introduces winner’s prize pool for World cup 2022

Finally, after 4 years the dawn of the World cup has caught all the nations once again. KuCoin login has taken up this opportunity to introduce the Winner’s Prediction tournament as the excitement of the round of 16 approaches a standstill.

With the arrival of the World Cup's top 16, the Winner Predictions event, with a big prize fund of $20,000, has officially begun. With all of the excitement in the Knockout Stage, KuCoin Wallet invites you to guess and watch the 2022 World Cup champions!

Let us go through the rules of this event.


How to Participate?

All you need is to download the Kucoin login wallet app to take part in this event. You will also receive a bonus of 40 points for free for just logging in.

Event Timeline: 3rd December 2022 – 18th December 2022

Points for Prediction

Participants can forecast the outcome of each match before it begins. Users must wager at least ten points on each prediction, with no maximum stake. If your guess is incorrect, you will forfeit all bet points. If your prediction is true, you will be able to split the prize pool with other winning users in proportion to the percentage of your bets.

Earn Prediction Points by Referring Friends

With a single click, create special posters and share them on social media. When your friends access the event page and input your invitation code, they will be considered to have accepted your invitation. If the invitation is accepted, you and the invited buddy will both get 20 points. The amount of friends you may invite is unlimited.

Knockout Stage Enhancers

Users that take part in group stage predictions will be able to win elimination stage boosters (for the elimination stage only). Each card has a single user and may only be used during the elimination stage predictions. Each prediction can only utilize one card. Group stage cards and elimination stage cards can both be gathered.

Participate in Predictions for a Chance to Win $20,000 and Limited-Edition NFTs

Following the knockout stage, the top 200 players will share a $20,000 prize fund based on their points. Each winner will receive a free KuCoin login Wallet World Cup commemorative NFT. A fortunate winner will get additional limited-edition Team Brazil merchandise. Users are rated according to their overall number of points. Every 24 hours, the leaderboard is refreshed. When two people have the same number of points, they are ranked based on when they first made their prediction.

Reward Withdrawal

During the event, points will be automatically accumulated for each guess. They may be found under My Predictions. Within 10 business days following the event's conclusion, winners' rewards will be instantly airdropped into their KuCoin Wallet addresses.


  • Points earned during the group stage cannot be combined with points earned during the elimination stage.
  • Cards collected during the group stage can be utilized during the elimination stage.
  • Elimination stage winners must have produced 10 or more predictions.
  • Duplicate wallets, phony accounts, and other forms of deception are forbidden. Once validated, no prizes will be given out. We have the right to revoke your qualification if you employ unethical tactics to get prizes.

Wrapping it up!

KuCoin login wallet is a safe and secure crypto wallet, which supports a multi-chain aggregation powered by the KuCoin ecosystem. This year this initiative by the KuCoin team is breath-taking as it provides Master Predictors to win a chance to earn $20,000 which is a big achievement for this crypto giant. I hope this article was helpful to you and hope that you will be lucky to win this amazing prize.