Website accessibility is an important part of business growth and success in 2023. It helps all the users to understand your website content and surf through it. To make sure your website is fully accessible you need to test your website.

What is Web Accessibility Test?

This test ensures your site is completely accessible, and all the users can navigate, interact, and engage with your site. Through the test, you get valuable feedback and improve the inadequate web design parts.

So, to help you with this, the Website designing company in Delhi has brought you the list of web accessibility testing tools. This list has varieties of tools, which fit the different needs of the users, you can choose the best suitable ones from them.

10 Web Accessibility Testing Tools

1. WAVE:

WAVE is a popular tool for web accessibility testing tools, it is a highly recommended tool across the world. This tool was developed by the firm WebAIM and Utah State University. The intuitiveness makes it an approachable tool for users.

You need to just enter your website address or you can add WAVE to the Chrome or Firefox browsers as extensions. This tool quickly and easily identifies the potential areas, which need to be improved.

2. Siteimprove:

Siteimprove tool scans each web page of the site. And the series of tools of Siteimprove provides detailed inputs by prioritizing issues based on different levels, such as how difficult it is to fix, conformance level, etc.

Using this you can work on different things and build a better accessible website.

3. Codemantra:

Codemantra is an intelligent and advanced solution provider. The automated digital platform processes web pages and captures and extracts actionable insights from raw data, which is transformed into your desired document format.

4. Tenon:

Tenon is another popular web accessibility testing tool. It is the first API automated accessibility testing tool. This tool is designed to ensure every user can access the website at an equal interaction level. Tenon has the ability to fix any accessibility errors on your site while performing the test.

The tool support formats such as HTML, CSS, and XHTML. Its reporting formats are HTML, CSV, XML, and JSON.

5. ComplianceSheriff:

ComplianceSheriff is an easy go-to tool for users, it processes each web page of your site. It ensures that the website complies with different web accessibility standards such as US, EU, Canada, and much more.

You can quickly and easily prioritize the problems, correct them, and track their improvements