The development of technology is very rapid. Since the 4G communication technology was put into use around 2014, we have passed 8 years. As the progress of society has greatly improved the reliability of communication technology, 5G services have also been launched one after another. At this time, everyone will also think that the mobile phone signal of the follower has been upgraded to 5G. Will the old signal jammers still work? Is the new full-screen signal jammer that can block 5G signals already on the market?

In fact, everyone already knows the answer, and the number of 5G signal base stations has gradually increased. In fact, if we want to know whether the old signal jammer is useful or not, it depends on the popularity of 5G mobile phones to determine whether we need such equipment. At this stage, only a small number of areas in China have launched 5G base station test demonstration sites. my country's telecom network presented SOHO CEO Pan Zong with a 5G mobile phone card ending in 0001 last year. In fact, it will take some time before large-scale commercial service popularization.

And there is another problem. Now that European countries such as Laos and the United States have attacked my country's Huawei's 5G products and systems, many countries have not yet decided whether to exclude Huawei from the scope of distributors. This shows that the application of 5G in many countries is still in the research and discussion stage, and even the contracted communication equipment manufacturers are not clear.

16 Antennas Cell Phone Signal Jammer

Therefore, at least in the past few years, the signal of 5G mobile phones has not been covered on a large scale.

In addition, the cost of coverage is also a problem. Judging from the current technology and manufacturing situation, 5G mobile phones are very expensive in the market, and few consumers can afford them. Think about it, if the latest iPhone is priced at 12,000 yuan, it will lose steadily, which will force Apple to cut prices. How many consumers can pay for a more expensive 5G mobile phone?

Therefore, it will take a while, and the production cost of 5G mobile phones will need to be greatly reduced.

Naturally, many full-screen segment cell phone signal jammer manufacturers are taking precautions. Technical upgrades have been carried out for full-screen signal jammer products, and preparations have been made to upgrade and block 5G signals for some full-screen signal jammer products. The full-screen segment signal jammer manufactured by Chengdu 8341 Information Technology Co., Ltd. has realized the shielding of 5G data signals at this stage, and it can be upgraded to a maximum of 24 channels of output by pre-buying and expanding the indoor space. The upgrade does not need to replace the equipment, and the control module can be upgraded. can achieve.

In a word, technology is advancing and the industrial chain is exploring, so manufacturers and consumers must innovate.