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There is nobody who doesn't examine kambikathakal, Malayalam Kambi ,some place close to once in his life. That is how much impact kambikathakal has in our lives. In past periods kambipusthakam, Kambikathakal was depended on to look at a Kambi Stories, kathakal yet before long in this electronic age it has moved to kambikatha regions. In any case, the hankering of individuals to analyze kambikathakal has not obscured even today(Kambikuttan). On the off chance that back, Kambikuttan was inspected in a hurry, as of now with the coming of cells, today it will overall be examined any place. Basically kambikathakal, Kambikuttan net moreover special as shown by the influencing scene.

Isn't it incredible to get an equivalent inclination as Rati while investigating the narratives.. Malayalam Kambi conveys that propensity.

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