"Param Pujya Shri Mast Daduram Bapu" - The Fully Awakened Being

Jayshri Daduram Seva Trust

A reincarnated Yogi with God realization,the Paramhamsa who is steadfast in this supreme state of achieving ultimate union with Brahman is rare occurrence in this mortal world.

Shri Premdhara Ashram - Sadguru is the manifestation of that transcendental energy source that we know as Parmatma but are yet to experience it.

"Jayshree Daduram Seva Trust" is a NGO formed in the 1998, providing selfless service to underprivileged populations without any religious bias or differences, around the outskirts of the city of Vadodara.

The vision originally was initiated by our enlightened Saint and mystic | Bapu sadguru Mansarovardas bapu | Sadguru Shri Mast Daduram Bapu who has dedicated all his life in preaching people the path of selfless service. Here are the main objectives of our mission.

Daily "free meal service" in the tribal area | Chanwada Dham

Ayurvedic clinic for village people.

"Gaushala" - Shelter for Cows | Maharshi gir Gau shala

Free Meditation and Pranayama training.

Self knowledge(Atma gyan) discourses by our Sadguru.

Shri Daduram Bapu | Mansarovar das Bapu | Sadguru Satsang and free langar service in every month on the full moon Day(poonam).

Gurukul means Teachers extended family. That's exactly what we want in our school. We don't want the kids to be students but our extended family. We want them to reside as equals without any discrimination of caste, creed or color.

In the state of Gujarat, certain tribes that reside in the depths of forests don't have proper knowledge and contacts with the mainstream society. Our mission is to empower them with a blend of balanced education that focuses on academics, cultural importance of their community and communication skill set to represent themselves in the outside world.

Visit our website - https://maharshidaduram.org/