<span helvetica="" neue",="" helvetica,="" arial,="" sans-serif;"="">As 2023 has just begun, it’s time to consider what new website design trends will be coming up. But why should you be following these trends emerging?

As a website designing company in delhi, we feel there is always an ongoing debate about whether you should follow the trend or not. These trends are more than just trends, it is a culture created collectively by the group in the industry. It’s completely your choice to follow the trends or not. However, following the trend will help you stay relevant and creatively build the website.

Check out the trends to follow in 2023!

Thumb-friendly Navigation:

A responsive website is now a basic thing, and today having a responsive website is not enough, you need to go beyond it. Now you need to advance your website design for mobile users and develop thumb-friendly navigation, which will improve the customer experience.

We use mobile with a single finger which is the ‘thumb’. However, most websites are used to navigating using two fingers, which is kind of annoying to the users. So, making a single long web page, where you need to just scroll down and click through to access different sections of information becomes easy and simple for the users to navigate.

VR (Virtual Reality):

Virtual Reality is an example of Ai. It has transformed the online shopping method and also enhanced the customer experience. VR plays a vital role in online shopping, it delivers a whole new experience and helps them virtually try the product. This assists the users to make the decision clearly to buy a product or not. Along with this, VR reduces the trial and error situations (which are more often observed in online shopping).

Today, many reputed and well-established brands have embraced AI, and we can find VR on their websites improving their customer experience. IKEA, Myntra, Airbnb, and Lenskart are a few examples, which use VR in a unique way and redefined online shopping for their customers.

Going back to basics with a creative twist:

From television commercials to the website, we can see a trend of being vintage. The 90s and 00s are the time when websites were seen more on the internet, and how basic website design was. That era has been brought back in 2022 and 2023.

You can see the websites having that vogue, but it has been creatively blending with modern website design. This has struck the audience in awe.

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