DCA is a plumbing company located in California that specializes in PEX  repipe plumbing. If your water pipe system is outdated, water taste bad, or have noticed low, reduced water pressure, you need to repipe the entire system. DCA  Repipe  PEX Plumbing services are affordable, lifetime guaranteed, and uses the best USA made materials.

Repiping a water system means you abandon the existing water system and replace it with a new PEX water system. There are three main materials that are currently used in repiping jobs, 1) copper pipe and fitting, 2) CPVC pipe and fittings and 3) PEX re-piping and fittings. DCA always recommend PEX repipe.

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One of the benefits of Repiping with PEX is to Increase Water Pressure and Volume. To learn more about PEX repiping or if you want to schedule an inspection, give us a call today. DCA will explain and guide you through their process of water pipe replacement with PEX.

  • Strength (23% stronger than Peroxide manufactured tubing)
  • Resistance to UV degradation (up to 6 months of direct exposure)
  • High temperature and pressure resistance
  • Flexibility and impact resistance to stand up to tough job site

Zurn’s Silane cross-linking process far surpasses the quality requirements set forth by F876 (160 PSI @ 73.4°F, 100 PSI @ 180°F and 80 PSI @ 200°F).

Zurn PEX tube may be used in plenum applications when installed according to Zurn installation requirements.

Meets requirements for continuous hot water recirculation as defined in ASTM F876. All Zurn PEX tubing is ‘MADE IN THE USA’ in state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities.

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