The main purpose of a civilian gas mask is to protect the common population and employees of enterprises. The indispensable  civilian gas mask GP  blocks harmful substances from breathing not only due to its tightness, but also ensures the disinfection of the air entering through the filter.

 To use civil-type gas masks, no special training is required, their design is specially simplified, and the weight depends on the filter box and gas mask. The Powertool online store is happy to offer you reliable and high-quality gas masks for domestic and industrial use. Learn more at

 A chemical gas mask  should fit your size and fit comfortably on your head, and for this, correctly determine the size of a civilian gas mask. Even if you do not plan to use a gas mask for a long period of time, in an emergency it should allow the worker to go to a safe place, without damage to the respiratory organs, vision and skin of the face.


 Here you can choose and order the most popular models, which can be divided according to the degree of filter protection:

1 - low efficiency. Designed to protect against large dust particles. Such a device will be effective as a comfortable respirator during repair and construction work.

2 - middle class, an order of magnitude higher than 1st class. The gas mask is able to block fog, smoke and fine dust and protect against aerosol preparations. A gas mask can only be used  in case of fire  if there is no release of toxic substances.

3 - greater efficiency is achieved thanks to complex filters that are able to neutralize even viruses and chemicals in the atmosphere.

 Industrial filtering gas masks  have a warranty period of more than 10 years, the device does not need special care. Manufacturers of civilian gas masks describe in the instructions how to wash and store the gas mask.

 In our world full of counterfeits of well-known brands, it is difficult to find a good supplier. Personal protective equipment is the guardian of your health and their choice must be given utmost attention. Therefore, we offer products that have excellent reviews from consumers and professionals. Quality certificates confirm the high level of workmanship that the protective equipment can be fully trusted.

 Gas mask gp-7 has several models:

  • GP 7 V  - has a special device for receiving liquids, with the help of a tube, a worker in a gas mask can drink water.
  • GP 7pm  - a panoramic mask that opens a large field of vision for 70% vision, does not completely cover the head.
  • GP 9  - a gas mask equipped with two intercoms and are used to protect against chemicals.

 As a means of personal protection against gases and to protect the eyes, a simple gas  mask device gp-5 is quite suitable . Products that are intended for use in the event of military conflicts and emergencies, when replacing the filter, can be used for industrial purposes.


 The device has several features and consists of a filter element, a mask with glasses, a valve box. The civil gas mask GP-7  is turned inside out before putting it on, if it is a helmet-mask. Recently,  a panoramic magician gas mask has become increasingly popular , which does not cover the ears, allows you to maintain good audibility and has a large transparent shield to protect your face.

 A gas mask with a panoramic mask  is attached to the head with fixing straps, which, depending on the model, can be from 3 to 5 pieces. They are made of rubber or dense fabric, have fixing devices for adjusting the size.


Many modern gas masks are made of plastic and not only the body, but also the filter box. Due to this, the weight of the entire device is reduced and the worker can easily move around in the device.

Filter boxes GP-7  are selected depending on the type of substance against which the box is directed. For designation, special colored markers are located on the body, by which you can understand the composition of the filter.

For clarification, there are also letter symbols on the box that will tell you the power and area of ​​\u200b\u200bappointment of the filter medium. For example, a gray bar indicates the oil and gas filter's activity, while a red light marker identifies the mercury filter. Basically, there are several colored stripes on the body, which means that the filters are combined and are able to deal with several substances at the same time.

 It is more practical to immediately buy a set of civilian gas masks with a suitable filter. Although basically filters for civilian gas masks have a standard connector for connecting to a mask.


Some filter boxes have a service life expressed in the hour range. Therefore, you must carefully read the instructions. Other types become unusable after their weight has changed and they have become heavier. This means that the sorbent in the box has absorbed too many substances and will not work effectively. The gas mask box must be replaced with a new version.

On average, the warranty period  for a gas mask filter  is 3 years for carbon dioxide boxes and 5 years for other types. More accurate information is provided  by manufacturers of gas masks .

What to listen to as a signal that the gas mask filter needs to be replaced urgently:

  • You have begun to smell gas, dust, or another chemical. However, this is not a 100% method, since many poisonous substances do not have their own characteristic smell and you may not feel that the box has ceased to disinfect the air.
  • End of service life. There is no need to take risks once again, using  a gas mask GP 7 , after the expiration date of the filter boxes, is prohibited by regulations. You can harm yourself, do not save on your health. You get boxes for a protective gas mask on time.
  • It has become difficult to breathe, this may be a sign that the powder has absorbed moisture and can no longer cope with its task.

The filter powder in the gas mask box wears out faster than the device itself. Many gas mask models are subject to an expiration date extension after laboratory testing.


Institutions or individuals can  buy civilian gas masks , both wholesale and retail, as a device to protect against poisonous flying substances. A filter class gas mask has found its application in the following areas:

  • Repair in a house or apartment, protection from dust, chalk and paint.
  • In case of fire, from carbon monoxide.
  • In the chemical industry
  • Paint and varnish works at the enterprise.
  • radioactive substances.
  • Vapors of mercury and ammonia.
  • Cleaning of drains, sewerage.
  • Utilization of toxic waste.


Although  the civilian gas mask  is primarily a filtering type. It is one of the most preferred options for respiratory protection in the industrial sector. The carbon monoxide  gas mask comes with the appropriate boxes and is ready to use.

However, it is worth changing the design a little and the gas mask from filtering, turning into an insulating apparatus. To do this, in place of the filter boxes, a corrugated hose and a cylinder of compressed oxygen are connected to the gas mask. As a result, the worker does not breathe purified air through filters, but oxygen from a cylinder.

A gas mask helmet  allows you to equip a rod type, it is enough to connect special hoses from 10 to 40 m long.  A hose gas mask  also belongs to the insulating group of respiratory protective equipment. Only in this case, the employee's breathing air is supplied not from a cylinder, but from a clean room or from the street through hoses.

Civil gas masks  of any type, with various masks and filters, we have prepared for you in a large assortment. Just make a call - we will help you place an order quickly and profitably.