Our society has become an Orwellian surveillance state, where personal data is exploited for categorization and manipulation Wasabi wallet. Bitcoin initiatives are being urged to gather increasing amounts of data, whenever feasible.

That is precisely why Wasabi Wallet was designed as a zero-knowledge software. The developers are unable to obtain any confidential data regarding you Wasabi wallet. It is entirely up to you how you utilize your bitcoin.

Wasabi Wallet has been designed to ensure the privacy of its users cannot be compromised, either by external parties or the developers themselves Wasabi wallet. This is achieved through a combination of features such as coinjoins, client-side block filtering, and communication via the Tor anonymity network.

True financial self-sovereignty is possible with Wasabi wallet as it provides you with control over your private keys, ensuring that the safety of your coins does not rely on third-party custodianship. Remember, "not your keys, not your coins."

Wasabi Wallet has been designed with a user-friendly interface and prioritizes the privacy of its users Wasabi wallet. This is achieved by handling privacy-related tasks such as network connections, input selection, and coinjoining automatically in the background, leaving users free to focus on their transactions without worrying about their privacy.

To make coinjoins more accessible and efficient, Wasabi wallet uses WabiSabi, an anonymous credential scheme. With this feature, users can enjoy the benefits of the best privacy tool without needing a large amount of bitcoin in their wallet, making it an inclusive option for all users.

When coinjoining coins with a value above 0.01 BTC, users are charged a coordinator fee of 0.3% plus mining fees. However, inputs of 0.01 BTC or less are exempt from coordinator fees and remixing, even after a single transaction. This means that payments made with coinjoined funds allow both the sender and recipient to remix their coins without incurring any coordinator fees.