The speaker component of our phones, whether we like it or not, is quite sensitive, and can suffer from dirt and dust. Sometimes many sound problems that are related to the fact that calls do not ring or if notifications are heard low, are mainly due to dirt. Therefore, today we are going to see how we can clear speaker of our mobile in a simple way.

It must be taken into account that not all the connectors of our mobile can be cleaned in the same way. We have seen that in the case of the headphone jack or the micro USB/USB-C port, we can carefully insert a pin to remove dirt and specks of dust from the outside. However, with the mobile speaker, this practice is not recommended at all. Inserting a sharp element is not recommended, since the internal components are too delicate and can be easily damaged.

How to remove dirt and water from the speaker?

No matter how careful we are with our phones, and no matter how much protective case, it will be necessary to clean my speaker regularly, it means avoiding dirt from penetrating the surface. If you overlook the need to remove dirt from time to time, your phone can get covered in dust at any time and, even if you don't know it, cause your phone's audio to stop working. You may also start running into horrible sound problems that you experience during phone calls.

Although we are afraid of further damaging this element of the smartphone, the reality is that there are a series of products designed to make this component of the phone shine quite easily. Being covered by the smartphone's own chassis, it is usually difficult to access it, but even so, it is not impossible to clean.

Use compressed air:

Although we do not have many options to clean the speaker, we can try one that gives better results than the previous one. We are talking about using a canister of compressed air, to try to expel the dirt to the outside. 

By applying short bursts on the stereo, we can easily remove dirt. In addition, you can use water removal sound to try to remove the dirt or water without damaging the internal components. Of course, we must use it at a certain distance so as not to end up damaging the speaker of the smartphone. Likewise, we can also use compressed air in the event that we need to remove all traces of dust from the USB port of the mobile.