A mysterious shadow that has been active in many examination rooms recently. I believe that many people still don’t know its true identity. It is a good partner that has been vigorously developed in campus size tests and can effectively prevent fraud - Cell phone signal jammer.

Now is the time for the college entrance examination, and many universities are looking for a batch of mobile phone signal jammers with better performance to ensure relatively stable examination room discipline during the college entrance examination.

12 Bands Signal Jammer

But many people don't know that there is one thing that may affect the actual effect of the mobile phone signal jammer. This is also an issue that must be considered at the examination room level. It is a base station, because the birth of the base station will affect the effect of the mobile phone signal jammer, but this means that within 500 meters near the examination room, if it is 500 meters away, it will not have an impact. The reason for the impact is that the base station itself contains a strong electromagnetic field. The height of the electromagnetic field will affect the shielding effect of the mobile phone signal jammer. Therefore, when funds are put into use at the examination room level, it may be practical to apply, query the number of specific shielding categories, and then based on the specific information Determining the number of mobile phone signal jammers requires great attention, otherwise some places will not be blocked. But regardless of whether the cell phone signal jammer will be affected, a more functional and more professional cell phone signal jammer is necessary.

In recent years, communication technology has developed rapidly. The products of various Internet companies have been updated many times, from the original 2G network to the current 3G, 4G, and all the way to the 5G data signal Internet. At the same time, the signal jammers in the examination room are also constantly changing. The upgrade has been updated and exchanged for many generations now.