Barcelona is one of the top and most visited countries in Spain (a country on the Iberian Peninsula in Europe). It is also the historical capital of Catalonia which is full of galleries, museums, attractions, and delicious food.

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Let’s dive into the blog to know how you can make your Barcelona trip worthwhile.

Things to do in Barcelona

  • Explore the Sagrada Familia

Each city or country is known for its popular landmark, the Barcelona has Sagrada Familia. This masterpiece was made by Antoni Gaudi more than 130 years ago and is still under construction.

  • Explore other masterpieces of Antoni Gaudi

Apart from Sagrada Familia, Antoni Gaudi has made some other monuments, and all are wonderful and rich in whimsical designs worth visiting. The well-known is Casa Batllo with dragon-like scales and skull and bone effect balconies. Second is La Pedrera made with undulating stone and features fanciful chimneys. Some other monuments are Casa Vicens, Palau Guell, and Torre Bellesguard.

  • Explore the Gothic Quarter

The Gothic Quarter in Barcelona is one of the oldest and most atmospheric parts of the city. It is in the east part of La Rambla, which is a pedestrian street in the center of the old town. The Gothic Quarter is rich in small galleries, secret plazas, and ancient buildings.

  • Head to Barcelona Food Markets

The most famous Barcelona food market is La Boqueria, and there are some other food markets nearby. La Boqueria is one of the oldest and most famous food markets from the last few years featuring stalls offering tropical fruit shakes and other traditional food. Some other food markets are Mercat de Santa Caterina and Mercat de Sant Antoni.

  • Relax at Barcelona Beaches

Activity like relaxing at beaches can be done mostly in summer. But Barcelona is an exception. Even in winter, Barcelona beaches are sunny and you can enjoy sun baths, have meals at the seaside restaurants, etc.

  • Visit during festival time

Visiting Barcelona during festivals can be a more authentic experience. The best part of Barcelona that is organizes festivals every month. Some of these festivals are the patron-saint festivals of Santa Eulalia and La Merce in February and September, La Diada de Sant Jordi in April, and the fire festival of St. Joan in the middle of June.

  • Try some Tapas

Try the famous food of Spain, Tapas to satisfy your hunger at any time. This famous food comes with sausage, squid, wild mushrooms, roasted peppers, or morsels. They are also served with wine, cava, beer, etc.

These 7 things are must-do things to do in Barcelona. Spend your best time in Barcelona with Europe tour packages from Dubai and make your trip memorable.