Enhance your oral care with Enamel Serum featuring Nano Hydroxyapatite for superior teeth mineralization & sensitivity relief. The most concentrated serum.

EnamLúxe™ nano-Hydroxyapatite Serum

€18, 33

Enamel Regeneration & Sensitivity Tooth Serum 30ml oz.50ml I 1.69fl oz

Powered by way of Concentrated Nano-hydroxy-apatite (nHAp)

Enhances enamel energy and resilience.

Boost teeth regeneration performance.

Strengthens and protects tooth & dentine.

Delivers speedy-performing remedy for touchy teeth.

For every day brushing.


Nano-Hydroxyapatite Serum

Unbeatable Enamel Strength, Unmatched Enamel Care

Immediate Relief: Experience on the spot relief from tooth sensitivity, improving your universal consolation and

Oral properly-being.

Sensitivity-Free Living: Enamlúxe sets a brand new fashionable in sensitivity-loose residing, permitting you to revel in all of your favorite foods without fear.

Dual-Protection Formula: Our serum functions the very best awareness of nanohydroxyapatite,

Presenting unmatched fortification for each tooth and dentine.

Orthodontic Support: Ideal for orthodontic wearers, Enamlúxe guarantees your enamel stay sturdy and

Healthy during treatment.

Post-Bleaching Care: An crucial put up-bleaching at-domestic care solution, preserving your amazing

Smile has in no way been simpler.

Gentle Yet Effective: Designed to be gentle in your enamel, our formula is with out abrasive retailers,

Keeping your tooth’s integrity.

Everyday Necessity: Enamlúxe serum is your each day oral care necessity, quite simply packaged in a

Person-friendly airless pump bottle.

Purity Assured: Our components is free from alcohol, triclosan, and SLS, reflecting our dedication to

Uncompromised purity.

Vegan & Cruelty-Free: We are proud to be vegan and cruelty-loose, ensuring our products align along with your values.

Elevate your smile with Enamlúxe nano-Hydroxyapatite Serum and experience the future of oral care. Your adventure to a more fit, more radiant smile begins here.

Direction of Use:

Prime the pump: firmly press airless pump “repeatedly” until serum is allotted for the primary time.

Add the serum to the top of toothbrush, and brush very well, let it sit down in brief for your enamel,

Then rinse lightly, permitting the closing nano-HAP to hold its beneficial consequences.

Don’t Swallow. Keep out of attain of kids beneath 6 years old.

For satisfactory outcomes, use two times day by day.

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