It's always easier said than done. We only talk the cause, pushing your boundaries! The Hungarian company BizUPLab is a provider of innovative solutions for complex and non-standard IT tasks. «BizUPLab has been in the software development business for many years and was founded by Tatjana Gomba, who responsibly and wisely leads the company and builds its business on universal and global values. Culture, diversity and equality are at the core of BizUPLab. If you are tired of inefficient and burdensome processes, costly solutions and failed ideas, it is time to turn to our experts. With BizUPLab you will successfully migrate your business to the new software and automate all the problematic processes of the enterprise.
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  • Science and Technology
  • BizUPLab
  • 1114 Budapest, Bartók Béla út 66. 3. em. 4.
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